Relay for Charity 2008


Like every year the esw GROUP attended with a team at the relay for charity in Heiligenstadt. The charity realy for the help of Rumania and Uganda is organized from the city of Heiligenstadt and the newspaper Eichsfelder Tageblatt. A total of 43 echelons from companies, clubs and facilities started at a track of 725 meters five times. A successful event with lots of fun and at the end position 17 for esw GROUP.

Unsere Staffelmanschaft

Spring Festival 2008

We celebrated our yearly Spring Festival with all employees, their families and friends on May 31st 2008. It always begins with the football match production hall I against production hall II. This year we were all surprised and happy that production hall I finally won after years of loosing. Afterwards we celebrated with enough food, drinks and music into the night. Above all the children had lots of fun with games, riding carriage and campfire.

Social Engagement


Many employees from esw GROUP get involved with social projects, f.e. Ugandakreis. We will take action and support the Ugandakreis with 8.000 EUR per year for the next tree years. The money goes in special projects for Aids patients. http://www.ugandakreis.de/

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