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Handover of the contribution to the youth parliament of Heiligenstadt

Today, Thursday 26 June 2014, the contribution amount was handed over to the leader of the youth parliament, Mr. Nicolas Schmidt. In the course of this handover the management of the youth parliament and the mayor Thomas Spielmann took part with great interest in a tour through the factory.


Benefit run 2014


For the 9th time on 12 June 2014 the yearly benefit run Heiligenstadt hast taken place. In this year the proceeds will inure to the benefit of the institution "Ambulant hospice and palliative consulting service Eichsfeld".

Besides several single runs about 750, 1500 and 5000 meters, where every participant has shwon his highest stake, also the realy has taken place. In total 44 relays of different companies, clubs and facilities have taken part, also the esw GROUP. Our team has contested together a distance of five times 750 meters and had a lot of fun. This time esw GROUP even has reached the forth position!

The management thanks the employees for their stake and congratulates them on the very good result.

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